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Botox works by relaxing the muscles thus alleviating fine lines and wrinkles.

It blocks or significantly reduces the message from the brain to move the muscle so it can no longer retract and the muscle relaxes.

As a result the wrinkled areas smooth out and soften.

Botox reduces facial lines caused by these muscles, it also contours aspects of the face,

for example the brows or chin.

Clients usually notice an effect between 3–10 days (maximum effect 14 days) lasting between 3-6 months.

A full confidential consulation and medical history check is carried out before any treatment is given.

View our gallery pictures and see the results Botox Treatment can achieve.



Botox Overview

The areas which can be treated are:



Frown lines

Smile lines/crows feet

Bunny lines (top of the nose)



Marionette lines

Armpits can also be treated for

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)