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The revolutionary new permanent treatment allows the removal of excess skin in a non-surgical, minimally invasive manner without the use of scalpel or sutures, with the application of a controlled ‘micro-beam of plasma’ to superficial layers of skin. Plasma is generated when the atmospheric gas between the instrument tip and the skin is ionized. This causes a small electrical arc which in turn causes the contraction, tightening and shortening of the skin fibres, which will result in a reduction of the skin surface, therefore improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


After a treatment, the outer layer of the skin dries out but stays in place for a few days to allow healing to occur without infection.

Eventually it sloughs off, revealing a layer of new freshly remodelled skin.



Areas that can be treated:

Upper/lower eyelid lifts, mini face-lifts, neck lifts, crow’s feet, upper/lower lip lines, acne/acne scaring, raised skin lesions, sunspots, age spots, skin tags, warts, scars, décolleté, fat accumulation, stomach, stretch marks, tattoos and any area of loose skin.




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Results from one treatment.

Up to three treatments can be administered.

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Plasma Blast