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Areas that can be treated:


Upper/lower eyelid lifts, mini face-lifts, neck lifts, crow’s feet, upper/lower lip lines, acne/acne scaring, raised skin lesions, sunspots, age spots, skin tags, warts, scars, décolleté, fat accumulation, stomach, stretch marks, tattoos and any area of loose skin.



Eyes; from:                                       Lips; from:                               Cheeks; from:

Upper eyelids £249                   Top £220                                   Mid Face lift £599

Under eye area £249                Bottom £220                          Nasolabial £220

Both areas £460                           Both £425                                 Full Face Lift £1299

Crow’s feet £180                                                                                     Neck Lift £799


Skin Rejuvenation From £280                                                   4/6 week patch test required

Wort/Mole/Skin Tag Removal From £60