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Semi-Permanent Make Up

Advanced Aesthetic Treaments

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Treatments For Lines & Wrinkles

Dermal Fillers

Skin Peels

Plasma Blast

Fat Dissolving Treatments




1 Area     --    £145


2 Areas   --    £195


3 Areas   --    £245


4 Areas   --    £275

                                                                                 Aditional areas £40


                                                                            Top Ups - £25 per Area




Although I do not offer top up procedures as normal practice, if your muscle is particularly resistant I will asses the area. Please advise me within 14 days, returning to see me within 21 days, after this time I cannot administer more botox to the area due to complications arising from over use



Please note a £50 deposit will be taken on booking the appointment


Botox Price List